Towards Self-Sufficiency

Producing all our own fresh food on the farm has always been a dream of mine. I love the idea of being able to supply my family with fresh, nutritious food. Organically grown vegetables picked and eaten within hours, rather than spending days in refrigerated trucks losing nutrients...meat from animals that have enjoyed happy lives... Continue Reading →


Summer Views

This is the view we usually see from our front verandah. It's beautiful, isn't it? The past year has been one of extremes, and this season is no exception. We haven't seen that view very often. Most days, it looks like this: When hailstorms are rolling in and the wind tears the dust up before... Continue Reading →

A Long Week

The first day that the Country Bloke was supposed to be home this week, he had to stay back at work for an appointment. The next day, his pager went off. Well, not an actually pager; the RFS has an app for that now. It's called BART (don't ask me why), and the sound it... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals

Our year started off with some very welcome surprise arrivals! The guinea keets weren't due until Friday last week, but on New Year's we found the first eggs had started to pip (break their shells - I've learned a whole new vocabulary the last few weeks). It took all day for the little things to... Continue Reading →

December Garden

Rainfall: 32mm over 5 days. After one storm we cleaned out the tank filters and found this handsome fellow living in the drainpipe! From November It's been a struggle to keep water up to the later plantings as the summer heat builds, so a lot of them haven't really come to anything. The beans around the... Continue Reading →

My First Potatoes

Way back at the beginning of September, I planted eight Royal Blue seed potatoes in a neglected little corner beside the front verandah. They grew beautifully, and for the first time ever the Country Bloke was actually excited about something in my garden! (It should be said here that he considers potatoes an essential food... Continue Reading →


He's tall. He's white. He's strong. He's destined to be the saviour of my poor bullied hens...and he spent his first day of  residence standing in a corner shaking from beak to tail! In his defence, poor Sir Galahad had just spent six hours in a cage strapped on the back of a ute travelling... Continue Reading →

Bringing In The Sheaves

As a general rule, we don't crop; technically we're graziers rather than farmers. But we are working on improving our pastures, and earlier in the year two paddocks were sown with oats as fodder crops. They came up really well considering the season, and a few lucky spring showers really carried them home. That left... Continue Reading →

November Garden

This month has had it's's been dry, hot, windy, cold, and plagued with flies (have I mentioned the flies before?). Despite that, progress has been made. Rainfall: 89mm (well over a third of our total rain for this year!) Planting I'm making an effort to plant according to the lunar calendar, which has limited... Continue Reading →

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